“What happened to Midas after he turned everything to gold?” PrismCo takes the audience on tour through Midas home, led by the man with the golden touch himself. As Midas past literally comes to life before him, we see his fun quirky façade crumbles to reveal a man who has lost everything he once held dear to greed.



April-May 2016

Animal vs. Machine is a performance in 3 rounds, a wordless dance-fight hybrid show that focuses on two female MMA fighters as they duke it out for dominance in the ring.

In one corner we have the Animal, A veteran MMA fighter who has her Lover to support`and coach on the side. In the other corner we have the Machine, a novice tai chi martial artist whose accomplished martial arts father, brother and mother scrutinize her from the side. As the violence between these women escalates, each hit and blow they trade cracks open a new layer behind their drive to be in the ring, transforming this match from a rowdy celebration of violence to a poignant exploration of what fuels us to fight for what we want.


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Oct-Nov 2015


Persephone was created around the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades.Using shadow work and modern dance, this show looks at the difficult decisions forced on Persephone- to live with her new love in the underworld or stay with her mother on Earth.


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April 2015


Starting with just two flashlights and ending in a massive paint war- Prism explores the dawn and evolution of civilization through darkness, light, and color.


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By Jeff Colangelo in collaboration with Cara Mía Theatre

Oct-Nov 2014

Aztec deities – Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl – have been submerged in the sands of Mexico for over a thousand years until archeologists stumble upon their remains. Awakened from ancient slumbers, the two gods resume their eternal rivalry with a furious battle involving Tezcatlipoca’s minions and an unwitting archeologist.


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April-May 2014

Galatea is a moving and heartfelt theatrical piece that explores the story of an artist in his pursuit of creating the “perfect woman”.


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Feb 2014


A twist on a Russian folk tale, Baba Yaga and her daughters were seeking one more to complete their family but greed gets the better of them causing Baba Yaga’s plan to fall apart.

This production used elastics to create the “family ties” and create various environments and scenery!