An Original Prism Lucha Show

Prism Movement Theater in collaboration with the Lucha Teotl Alliance, is proud to announce that they will be producing a theatrical lucha performance as part of the Elevator Project. Performances will happen from July 8th through 18th at the Hamon Hall.

Writer and Co-Director Director: Chris Ramirez

Writer, Co-Director and Producer: Jeff Colangelo

Technical Director: Jonah Gutierrez

Lucha Teotl will deliver a high energy lucha experience that is sure to please both long-time fans and excited newcomers to lucha wrestling. In this awe-inspiring performance, audiences will enter a Lucha ring to watch wrestlers wearing the masks of Aztec gods play out a sincere and exciting wrestling plot. 

The story, presented in English and Spanish, will follow a young rambunctious male wrestler from the Sun God family named Hutizi (short for Huītzilōpōchtli) teaming up with a more experienced female wrestler from the Moon god family named Coyol (short for Coyolxauhqui) to become the top luchadors in the Lucha Teotl Alliance. But will Hutizi and Coyol be able put aside their ancient families rivalry, or will the cycle of violence prove to be unbreakable? 

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